Measuring your Liquid Flow



“ TORQUE” make Series 6500 is a new range of Bipolar Pulsed DC Insertion Type Electromagnetic Flow meter. It is suitable for pipes with nominal diameters of 100 mm & above. The Flow meter Is based on Faraday’s law of Electromagnetic Induction.
Series 6500 has excellent accuracy and flow range ability within its class. The meter is suitable for use on wide range of corrosive and aggressive range of conductive liquids.



• Based on Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction.
• Suitable for pipe sizes of diameters 100 mm & above
• With or without Integral Transmitter.
• Use of Isolating Ball Valve and Pressure Seal arrangement permits ease of mechanical Insertion and removal without disturbing the flow
• Absolute zero stability and noise elimination due to pulse D.C. excitation
• Measurement independent of liquid properties
• Optional inbuilt potentiometer provides full scale flow rate adjustments.
• Negligible pressure loss.
• Maintenance free design due to absence of any moving parts.
• Display of flow rate directly in user specified engineering units



• Water Supply Networks
• Chemical and Process Industries
• Pharmaceutical Industry
• Waste- Water Management
• Sugar, Food and Beverages industries
• Effluent Treatment Plants



Suitable for pipe sizes :DN 100 to DN 2000

Media Conductivity (Min) :10 µS / cm (Consult factory for 5 µS/cm)

Media pressure : Up to 15 15 kg / cm2

Media Temperature (PTFE) :0”-75º C

Ambient Temperature Range :0”-50º C

Material : Pipe : SS 316 (NON – Magnetic )

Wetted Parts : PTFE (Teflon) / SS 316

Electrode : SS/ Hostelry C / Ta / Ti / Pt

Weld in Socket with Flanges : Carbon steel

Connecting Flanges : Carbon steel

Transmitter : Cast aluminum (LM6), Epoxy painted

Mounting : Using a 2” Ball Valve Assembly

Power supply :110 / 240 V AC + 15 %, 50 Hz

Power consumption :20 VA

Cable Gland Entry : ½ “ NPT (F)

Analog Output :4-20 mA / DC / 0-20 mA DC

Pulsed Output (Optional) : Low Pulsed rate output 10 to 36000 pulses per hour

a) Output to drive directly external electromagnetic counter of 12/24 V DC @ 200 ma capacity OR
b) Open Collector output , High pulse rate output 0.5 KHz / 1 KHz/ (Open Collector Output)
Communication port (Optional) :RS – 232 / RS – 485 MODBUSRTU protocol

Maximum load Resistance : 1000

Response time :10 Second

Flow velocity Range :0.3 to 10 m/s)

Ingress Protection : IP – 65 for flow Transmitter and IP-68 for sensor Assembly

LED Display :4 Digit Indication for flow rate and 8 digit indication for
Totaliser programming from keyboard for engineeringUnits

Accuracy : K 2 % of span

For Flow Between 0 to 100% : Refer Error Diagram
Reference Conditions

Power Supply : Nominal

Ambient Temperature : 25º + 2ºc

Load Resistance : 500

Repeatability : + 0.2% of span

Effect of Ambient Temperature : Less than 0.2% per 10ºc

Effect of power supply : Less than 0.1% per 10% Voltage Variation

Effect of Load Resistance : Less than 0.1% of span



Electromagnetic Flowmeters are based on Faraday’s law of Electromagnetic Induction.
In a Electromagnetic Flowmeter, magnetic field is generated by a set of coils. As the conductive liquid passes through the electromagnetic field, an electric voltage is induced in the liquid, which is directly proportional its velocity. This Induced voltage is perpendicular to both the liquid flow direction and the electromagnetic field direction. The voltage sensed by the electrodes Is further processed by the transmitter to give standardized output signal or displayed In appropriate Engineering Units on LED Display.
The flux density of the electromagnetic field In a given Flow meter and the
distance between the electrodes are constant, therefore, the induced voltage is only a function or liquid velocity.


E • K.B.v.D where E :Induced voltage
K :flow Tube Constant
B : Magnetic field velocity
v : Mean flow velocity
and D :Electrode Spacing

Volume flow Is calculated by equation :
Q ;v.D² π/4Therefore, Q = E.D. π

The induced voltage is not affected by the physical properties of liquid like
temperature. Viscosity pressure density and conductivity as long as conductivity of the measure liquid is above minimum threshold level. For reliable measurement the pipe must be completely full of liquid.

The electromagnetic field coil assembly is excited by pulsed DC technique,
which eliminates the interfering noise and provides automatic zero correction.


Flow Rate Table Flow Rate at V = 1m/Sec.



• A Ball Valve Assembly with socket flange will be supplied in advance. Socket Flange is to be welded on to the pipe line for flowmeter installation . This will enable you to install the Flowmeter even if the line is charged.
• A minimum 10 D upstream and 5D downstream straight lengths should be maintained at installation location. Where D is the pipe diameter. The Flowmeter installation location should be free of bends , elbows , tees , valves etc.
• Installation location should be such that the pipe will be always full with water and in no case it should be partially filled.


 Insertion type flow meter

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