MVGP series vertical glandless pumps


    •  No mechanical seal, stuffing box and internal bearings is needed
    •  No maintenance since the pump can even run dry indefinitely as there is no packing, bushes or internal Bearings.
    •  Reduction of downtime production losses in view of above features.
    •  All the wet-end parts are in solid molded construction to with stand corrosion and erosion.
    •  The impeller is semi-open type and used in our all-vertical pumps to suit both clear and polluted fluids.
    •  Pump mounted outside the suction tank and is not submerged type.
    • Polypropylene is manufactured by solid injection molding process with high pressure hence.


    • Water treatment Plant
    • Effluent Treatment
    • Filter Press for dyes and chemicals
    • Fertilizer Plants Thermal and atomic power plants
    • Drugs & Pharmaceutical Industries
    • Descaling of Tubes
    • Scrubbing of corrosive gases like Cl2  , Br , I, SO2  , NH3  , F2  Etc.
    • Excellent for vacuum ejectors
    • Transferring of concentrated HCL from road tankers
    • Paper & Pulp industries
    • Pickling in steel rolling mills
    • Caustic soda plants :Chlorinated brine, conc. HCL, H2SO4  etc. Other application are in metal refineries, pickling Installations, paper and fertilizer
    plants-in fact all chemical process industries.
    •  Phosphoric Acid Plants :H3PO4  , H2SO4  , HF and their mixtures with or without solid (gypsum) up to 40% conc.
    •  Gas Washing Plants :Scrubbed liquids containing F, CL, SO2,Ammonia gases etc. With solids replace hast alloy.
    • Rayon Plants :Spin bath solution (H2SO4 , ZNSO4  , NASO4  , etc.)

Product Detail


PP 50º TO 80 º C

PPH 90 º TO 100 ºC

PVDF 100º TO 115ºC