DC Solar pump


    • These pumps are dc pumps and special made where AC power is not available.
    • One can run these pumps on car/truck battery or even on solar power.
    • DC motors are of 3000/1450 RPM and are of PMDC or BLDC type so efficiency is high and maintenance is very less.
    • All pumps are fitted with mechanical seal and we offer pumps with various material of construction.
    • Bigger pumps can be made as per customer’s requirements.
    • Pumps will be of self priming, centrifugal and gear type, piston type etc and can be used for any type of liquids like diesel, petrol, oil, water, salt water, hot water etc.
    • The sun rays on solar panel generate DC power , same power can be used  by two way
    1) we can use DC pumps and connect it directly OR
    2) we use solar controller which will convert
    • DC power in to AC power and run AC pump
    • An array of solar panels connected in series and parallel configuration generates the power and voltage required for the VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Controller to drive the motor.
    • The DC to AC frequency converter in the solar drive converts the DC voltage input to the drive to variable 3-phase AC voltage and frequency.
    • Can be used for any kind of Motor or pump loads ranging from 1 HP to 100 HP.
    • Uses MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) to deliver energy at various solar energy levels.
    • System can be used for existing pumps and motors and hence no replacement of new loads.
    • Water pumped even in morning, evening and in cloudy weather at low speed flow for over
    12 hours per day when we connect it with battery.
    • Long term, environment friendly, economic solution with proven technology.
    • Panel Reverse Polarity, Short Circuit
    • Over Load
    • Over Voltage
    • Multiple pumps can be connected to single controller
    • DC Power meter included