Fuel injection gear pump


A Range of high quality positive displacement gear pumps for fuel injection in industrial burners. These pumps provide fuel at finely controlled pressure and flow rates for optimum combustion resulting inlong term fuel saving and reduced pollution.

• The perfectly designed and perfectly finished which having lost wax method known as investment casting & having Grade 30c Iron and stainless steel
• 40% Weight reduce comparing to regular model
• Standard mounting & easy to install.
• Available in I 50 , 300 , 450 , 600 , 1000 and 2000 LPH
• Type FIG C-New model in B-Series
• Type FIG BICSS-New Model in B- series with SS Sleeve of pump for high durability


Manufactured from specially selected material & processed to close tolerances for a long , Trouble free working life.

Gear & shaft of alloy steel & heart treated.

Mechanical dynamic oil seal system for high temperature & high speed use & for zero leakage

Self lubrications , Self priming

Built in pressure valve

Standard mounting dimensions for easy replacement


Oil burner , Boilers , Hydraulic drive and Pressure pump
Force feed lubrication
Booster pump for heavy diesel engines
Pumping for filtration
Bitumann tank burner
Dryer burner of hot mix plant
Most suitable for LSHS furnace oil , L.D.O. HSD


PUMP MODELSUC X DEL SizesCapacity in LPHPressure in kg/cm2RPMRecommended HP
3 kg/cm230 kg/cm2
FIG-A303/8” x 3/8”300-3014400.251.0
FIG-A603/8” x3/8”600-3014400.251.0
FIG -A903/8” x 38”900-3014400.251.0
FIG -B150½” x ½”1500-3014400.251.5
FIG -B 150X2½” x ½”3000-3028800.251.5
FIG -B300½” x ½”3000-3014400.251.5
FIG -B450½” x ½”4500-3014400.251.5
FIG -B600½” x ½”6000-3014400.252.0
FIG -C1000¾” x ¾”10000-300.753.0
FIG -C1500¾” x ¾”15000-300.753.0
FIG -C2000¾” x ¾”20000-300.755.0
FIG -C2500¾” x ¾”2500-300.755.0
FIG -D30001” x 1”3000-301.57.5
FIG -D40001” x 1”40000-30312.5
FIG -E60001 ½” x 1 ½ “60000-30315.0

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