A Wide range of Vertical pumps are available for handling clear water or contaminated water application. These pumps are designed to operate at 50Hz and 60Hz , In single or more than one stages according to head required. These pumps consisting of Bowl assembly, Column pipe-Assembly, Bearing Housing Assembly along with N.R.R (Non Reverse Ratchet) Assembly & Motor stool/Driving Unit Assembly.


Capacities up to 20,000 m3/hr,

Head up to 300 mtrs.

Bowl Sizes from 100mm to 1600 mm


• Self-Water Lubrication, Oil Lubrication External Water Lubrication

• Motor Water Lubrication]

• Combination Motor-Gear Drive Above Ground / Under Ground Discharge

• Standard / Special Material of construction.


• General water pumping /conveying used for various industries.

• Spray and Injection water in sugar Industry.

• Cooling tower Circulation.

• Irrigation and drainage for agriculture.

• Process and Cooling water pumps for power plants.

• Fire fighting.

• Tube well Irrigation / Open well Irrigation and River / Canal Irrigation

• Sprinkle Irrigation

• Urban Water Supply / Rural Water Supply

• Domestic Water Supply in high rise building and Water Fountain.

• Raw & Threaded water services / Mine Dewatering.

• Fire Fighting Services.

• On line Boosting

• Oil / Petroleum Handling Services.

Special Features

• Vertical pumps take little space in plan since the liquid in led away to the axis of shat.

• The Impeller is submerged, so pump does not require to be primed and is always ready to use.

• The suction condition also prevents the caviation in the pump and pitting in impeller & diffuser.

• Due to positive head at suction the pump gives its rated performance as well as high ovarall efficiency, whereas in Horizontal pumps due to losses in suction line,foot valve etc. the rated performance of the pumps is not achieve.

Multi stage vertical pump


Bowl Assembly:-

Bowl Assembly consists of suction bell , impeller , bowl, pump shaft.

Suction Bell:-

Suction Bell designed for smooth & steady entrance of liquid with minimum losses.

Bowl :-

The Bowl is a casing with diffuser vane cast integrally to reduce the velocity of the liquid coming from impeller & increasing the pressure.


Impellers are of open (propeller),semi-open (mixed flow) & closed (vertical turbine) type depending upon the specific speed of pumps and are accurately machined ,dynamically & hydraulically balanced.


The shaft is of high tensile strength steel.

Column Pipe Assembly:-

It consists of column pipe, line shaft & line shaft bearing.
Multi stage vertical pump
Column Pipe:-

Casted or Fabricated, It houses line shaft bearing retainer.

Line shaft Bearing

line shaft bearing provided in leaded bronze shell with cut less rubber (natural/synthetic) bearing lubrication self or pressurized external water.

Trust Bearing Assembly:-

anti friction bearings are provided to take care of axial thrust & weight of rotor assembly as well as radial load. Lubrication with oil/grease Non reverse ratchet are provided with thrust bearing housing assembly to avoid the rotation of impeller (pump) in opposite direction causing opening of the threaded coupling.

Discharge Head / Discharge Elbow:-

Either cast of fabricated designed to direct flow from column pipe to discharge pipe. It may be on ground level or below ground level.

Motor Stool:-

M.S Fabricated heavy duty to ensure vibration free operation.


For line shaft threaded barrel or muff type coupling as per requirement. For pump to motor pin bush flexible coupling are provided.

Direction of Rotation:-

counter clock wise when viewed from driving end.

Standard EquipmentDriverOptional EquipmentAccessories
Discharge Head AssemblyMotorDepth Gauge with Airline Pipe and FittingsSluice Valve
Column AssemblyDiesel Engine withBelt head attachmentRight Angle gear DriveNon-Return
Bowl AssemblySole PlatePressure Gauge with fittings
Strainer Companion Flange
Pre-lub Tank Assembly (Water-lub Pump of high setting)Foundation BoltsMotor Control Gear
Oiler Assembly (Oil-lub Pump)TurbineThrust Bearing Housing
Non Reverse Ratchet

• Capacity

• Total head

• Speed of operation (Full load driver rpm.)

• Setting for well application (Column length or pumping water lable)

• Inside diameter and length of upper well casing.

• Overall depth for sump application (from bottom of mounting base to bottom of sump) with maximum and minimum water levels.

• Surface or Underground Discharge.

• Water analysis, It other than clear water.

• Driver data.

Type of drive

A.C. power supply details

Diesel engine / Gear drive details.

Horizontal motor details.


2Impeller 41Oil Drain Plug85Top shaft sleve
3Gland Housing49Oil level Window86Brg Housing
5Gland Bush64Spacer87Brg Sleeve
7Lantern Ring71Suction Cap88Brg support Disc.
8Gland piece72Suction Cone/Bell89Ratchet
10Pump shaft73Diffuser 90Ratchet cover
15Assly Bolt74Bowl Linear91Ratchet pin
16Wearing Ring75Guard Ring92Top Adjusting Nut
17Slinger 76Bush with cage (Suction)93Gip Key
18Imp key (Both end Round)77Bush with cage (Diffuser)95Straight Key
20Line Shaft78Split Ring (Set)97Oil Retaining ring
21Bush (Suction)79Column Pipe99Motor stool
30Gland Packing81Line with cage (pipe)101Pump coupling key
32Oil seal82Line Shaft coupling109Plate for Ratchet pin
33A contact ball bearing83Discharge Head110Ratchet cover sheet
34Deep Groove ball bearing84Top shaft

Multi stage vertical turbine pump