Polder pumps are particularly suitable for lifting water from canals and river beds, dam sites, disposal of waste water.

The construction of the pump is of pump below, and motor above type and suction inlet is at the bottom, so that water is pumped from the lowest level. The pump is driven by water filled submersible electric motor, squirrel cage induction type, water which acts as a lubricated against the contamination from surrounding water by mechanical seal. All parts are made from especially selected material to suit high abrasion and corrosion the pump can be installed in vertical pump easily shifted to alternative site for reinstallation and withdrawal of the unit as well as replacement of normal wearing parts on site with minimum labor.

Polder pump is one or two stage, available in all material except that soft metal. Such as lead or metal so hard as not to be readily machinable.

Dewatering pumps is a compact designed pump below the motor by which maximum lowest pumping level is possible. Unit consist of a vertical conventional centrifugal pump driven by an electro oil lubricated, oil filled / dry submersible motor. There is a common shaft between pumps and motor the pumping & motor unit is of close coupled construction and the double casing design provides with the help of double mechanical seals make up of tungsten carbide which is protected and covered by leap seals. Double sealing arrangement keeps motor away from the liquid being pumped and high grade corrosion resistance & abrasion resistance material is being used. all material used are eco-friendly. Impeller is closed / non clog type able to handle solid contents and are dynamically balanced. The bearing arrangement with double angular contact withdeep groove ball bearing give the resistance to the radial and thrust load combination in a pump.



H.P. :- 3.0 HP TO 200.0 H.P.

Head :- Up to 90 Mtrs.

Capacity :- Up to 11,000 LPM,

RPM :- 3000 / 1500,

Stage :- One / Two,

Concentration :- Up to 10,000 PPM.


Dam / Construction sites,

Dewatering Mines,

Sea Water Pumping,

Oil Mixed water,

Intake Wells / Sump Wells,


Turbine water,

River Beds,

Ash mixed water,

Cement / Steel Plants,

Thermal power Station.

Polder submersible pump

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