Single Stage Pump – ISL Series Vertical Centrifugal



Single Stage Pump ISL Series are primarily designed to handle water and are suitable for handling water in water supply systems for domestic and industrial use.
Single stage pumping units of compact design with back pullout feature with suction & discharge flange arranged in-line opposite one another for direct installation in the pipeline.
Motor and pump are close coupled by rigid coupling. The completer rotating portion can be removed without disconnecting the pump casing from the connecting pipe line



“MALHAR” Volute casing IN-LINE centrifugal pumps Type MIL are space saving pump units designed for easy installation and are used generally for circulating clean non-aggressive fluids.

• Water Supply Systems
• Water circulation / Transfer
• Hot water Circulation
• Agriculture

• Industry
• Ship Building
• Cooling Towers
• And many other Applications



Direction of Rotation : Clock wise looking from the motor end at the pump.
Shaft Sealing : The Shaft is sealed by means of a Mechanical seal.
Wearing Ring : Every Volute Casing is fitted with a Replaceable wearing ring.
Casing Gasket : The Volute casing is sealed be means of a flat gasket



Standard pumps are fitted with motor adaptor suitable for mounting Vertical Flange Mounting V-1 frame Motor, to suite particular specification where protection class & enclosure are required . Special suitable adaptor can be provided..The pumps is coupled with a Electric motor , which is totally enclosed , fan cooled Squirrel cage motor. Single-phase Motors have a built in thermal overload protection.Three phase motors should be protected by a suitable motor starter as per local regulations.
Nominal Speed :- 2900/1450 rpm,



Capacity : up to 280 m3/hr
Head : up to 95 mtr
Higher capacity and head available on request