cf series stainless steel centrifugal pump


    • As all pumps are made from rolled stainless steel, mechanical properties are far superior than cast material.
    • Pore free, non-pitting and non-adhering smoother surface, so lesser friction losses, and lesser service corrosion.
    • Super finished surface also ensures no ingress or emission of germs or impurities during pumping or idling which is a basic requirement of sterile / hygienic application.
    • Pump can handle liquids having viscosities up to 1500 centipoises.
    • Pumps are highly energy efficient and requires lesser NPSH to function without cavitation.
    • The pumps can work under a vacuum of 720 mm of Hg, suitable for vacuum evaporators.
    • Pumps are available with cosed/semi open impellers.
    • The best elastomers are used in the pumps to provide optimum resistance for high temperatures and chemicals.
    • Minimum working / rotating parts.
    • Safe and quiet operation levels.
    • Gentle product handling with lower maintenance and downtime cost.
    • Dynamic combinations of seal faces as per customer's requirement (single seal / double seal, seal external cooling ).
    • Suitable for standard motor or flange type or foot cum flange type motor or engine
    • Monoblock or bare pumps or with trolley.
    • Also with flame proof motors.
    • Various types of connection like - tri'clove joints SMS, flanges or threaded nipple/coupling.
    • Pumps with adjustable legs, available on request.
    • Special bearing for hot water application available on request
    • Size : 12 MM TO 100 MM
    • Head : 03 Meters to 76 Meters
    • Capacity  : Up to 1890 Lpm
    • SS 304/ SS 316/ SS 304 L / SS 316 L
    • Seal silicon carbide Or as per customer's requirement.


    • Milk, Cream, Butter Milk, Condensed Milk
    • Fruit juice, Beer, Wine, Sugar Syrup
    • Vitamin Solutions, Sugar & Confectionery.
    • RO Water, DM Water, Pure Water. Water for Injection (WFI)
    • Vegetable Oil, Mineral Oil, Lub Oil etc.
    • Pharmaceutical Formulations, Syrup etc.
    • Alkaline Solution / Alcoholic Drinks.
    • Acids, Fine Chemicals
    • Bottling Plants, Soft Drinks & Distillery
    • Food Processing / Liquid Food Stuffs
    • Colour dyes and Pigments / Paints
    • Descaling Applications, Paper & Cement Industries
    • Water Treatment Plants
    • Detergent, Soaps, Paste & Shampoo
    • Textile Sizing, Dyeing & Finishing Systems
    • Natural Cellulose Fiber / Synthetic Fiber System
    • Hot & Cold Water Pumping.