High pressure plunger pump, Dosing- Metering pump and Dosing systems


    “Malhar” High-Pressure (simplex / duplex / triplex / sixplex ) plunger pump is a positive displacement pump. which can deliver high flow stream at high pressure with high efficiency. These pumps are also know as hydro test pump,pressure test pump, hydrostatic test pump.



    • Airport & Ship Yards.

    • Railway Workshop & Cleaning Yards.

    • State Transport & Workshop.

    • Industrial & Agriculture Purpose.

    • Auto Two & Four Wheel Workshop for washing /cleaning application.

    • RO water and sea water high pressure application

Product Detail


Flow Range                 : Up to 30,000 LPH

Pressure Range            : Up to 1000 Kg / Cm2

Temperature Range      : 30oC / TO 300oC

M.O.C                          : AISI 316, AISI 304, AISI 410, CS,ALLOY-20 , HASTELLOY C &  B, TITANIUM, MONEL, ETC

Wet And Cartridge        : Single / double acting(simplex / duplex / triplex / pentaplex)plunger

Valve                           : Ball, Cone, Plate , Wing with or without spring loaded

Gland Packing             : U seal (PTFE, CHEVRON, PU) / Square rope.

Options                       : Pressure relief valve, Pulsation Damper, Instrumentation and automation, completer Pumping  systems