•All wetted parts of pumps are made from lost wax process

    (investment casting), so surface finish is excellent. Smooth flow path/ hydraulic passage and no casting defects likeblow holes, cracks etc. are present.

    •Centripetal / regenerative impeller for better suction.

    •Pumps will be normally available in CF-8m /CF-8 (Gun metal,

    Alloy-20) and also in other material as per customer's requirements.

    •Single /multistage pumps to handle crystal clear liquids for high pressure duties.

    •Very quick priming & no need of foot valves.

    •Very high suction capacity up to 8 meters without much noise

    •Various types of sealing arrangements as per customer's liquid's characteristics.

    •Normally fitted with carbon/ceramic seal faces with teflon cup and viton rubber.

    •Pumps are available in monoblock and in bare type also with flameproof motor.

    •All motors are of "TEFC" type

    •Pump can be offered with electro polishing for some special requirements.

    •Can handle temperature up to 80oC

    •Trolley mount available.

    •Also available with 120 Volt / 60 Hz.

    •Custom built pumps are available.



    All clear liquids without solid suspensions like diesel, petrol, LPG, oil, solvents, syrup, dm water, chemicals, steam boiler feeding, evacuation of condensate water, boosting of pressure, as a drum/barrel pump.