About Thermic Fluid Pump

We are counted among the leading suppliers of exclusive quality Thermic Fluid Pump to our valued customers. These pumps are manufactured from best quality stainless steel and cutting-edge technology. Offered pumps are appreciated for their noise and vibration free performance, easy installation and high degree interchangeability. Our pumps are suitable for both organic and inorganic fluids and used in oil refineries, paper, food, chemical, textile industries and sea water desalination plants. These pumps are equipped with water / self cooling feature that makes them suitable for the applications in heat transfer plants and handling of organic heat transferring of oils. In compliance with the latest industry standards, these pumps are designed with heavy duty bearings.



• Low Maintenance
• Easy to Operate
• Longer service life.

Specifications (As per ISO 2858/DIN 24256)

• Capacity up to 250 m3/hr
• Temperature up to 350ºc
• TDH up to 95 mlc
• Working Pressure up to 20 Bars
• Delivery Size up to 100 mm.
• Speed – n- :- 960/1450/2900 rpm


Industries Covered

• Pharmaceuticals & Chemical :- Oil Extraction plants
• Pulp & Paper Industries :-Waste Oil Refining Plants
• Starch Industries :- Air-Conditioning Heating plants
• Effluent Treatments Plants :-Cooling Tower water Circulation
• Dyes & Intermediates :- Solvent Transfer
• Ro & DM Water Plants: – Thermic Fluid Circulation.

Material Of Construction

• Pumps are manufactured in variety of materials such as Carbon steel / WCB As per ASTM / DIN Standards
• Stainless steel as per ASTM A 351/743 Gr. CF8/CF8M
• Carbon Steel (WCB) / Alloy Steel
• Cf-8 , CF-8M CF-3 ,CF-3M (SS-316L) , Alloy 20 , CD4MCu


Construction Features

Casing :- Volute –Type , Back pull out , Centre Line Top discharge , End Suction , Integrally Cast feet,Center line support casing if required

Shaft Sleeve :- Easily Replaceable , Hardened , Compatible ,
Supply of thermic fluid

Sealing Arrangement :- Graphite packing in gland box having cooling chamber that ensure to pass cooling water and safeguard graphite packing life.

Mechanical Seals :- Single Spring / Metallic Bellow

Impeller :- Enclosed type , Provided with back vanes to reduce pressure on stuffing box and to minimize Axial Thrust and Gland Leakage, High Hydraulic and Mechanical Efficiency.

Bearing Housing :- Reinforced and standard and bearing assemblies which are perfect for high temperature as well as high suction pressure of 0.05 mm. It is available with constant level oiler

Flanges :- Enclosed Flange Rating PN 16 and drilled to DIN Standard to meet ISO 2858 Requirements.

Throat Ring / Bush :- It is Perfectly designed to reduce the pressure on stuffing box. Also It helps to Increase the life of Graphite packing.

Designed For :- Circulation of heat oil transfer

Jacketing for Cooling Offered for S/Box , Casing Pedestal and Bearing-Housing,
Standard Bearing / Special Heavy Duty Bearing Arrangements available.