Advanced Clamp - On Transit-time Technology for Accurate Flow Measurement

ultrasonic flow meters

The TDS – 100H Handled Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow meter is of the most powerful flow meters available for liquid measurement Utilization of our proprietary Ultrasonic Transit- Time measurement and signal quality tracking technologies allow accurate flow measurement of the liquid flow rate from outside of a pipe.

The TDS-100 flow meters carefully designed so that it is very compact and easy to use. A user can use one hand to hold as well as operate the flow meter main unit. The user interface is self explanatory and very easy to follow. Besides, the unique clamp on fixture design makes he non-intrusive nature of the clamp on technique, there is no pressure drop no moving parts, no leaks and no contamination.


flow measurement system

• Wide flow measurement range, from 0.01 m/s to 32 m/s

• Bi-directional measurement, totalize for net, positive and negative flow.

• High accuracy, better than  1 % of velocity

• Wide pipe size range, from DN 15 to DN 6000 mm

• Suitable for all commonly used pipe materials

• Rechargeable battery with 10 hours of operation

• Built – in data logger

• Self –explanatory user interface.

• Windows PC software for data down-load and real time data display

• Single quality tracking and self-adjusting capabilities that automatically match transducer to pipe material

• Compact light weight enclosure @ 538g for the handset

• Can also be deployed as a remote RTU for long –term flow monitoring application

• Easy and economical installation

• Non invasive. No pipe disturbance. no moving parts. no pressure drop.

• Ideal for both clean and opaque liquid flows.


The TDS-100H Flow meter is ideal for flow surveys and closed pipe applications where non-invasive measurement of liquids is required. Benefited from our advanced digital signal processing technology, the handled flow meter works reliably in both clean and opaque Liquid flow. Examples of applications include:

• Power plants (nuclear power plants, thermal & hydropower plants) heat energy boiler feed water.

• Energy consumption supervision and water conservation management.

• Metallurgy and mining application (e.g. acid recovery)

• Marine operation and maintenance.

• Pulp and paper.

• Pipeline leak detection, inspection, tracking and collection.

• Energy measurement and balancing.

• Network monitoring.

• Water, including hot water, chilled water, city water, sea water etc.

• Sewage and drainage water with small particle quantity.

• Oil, including crude oil, lubricating oil, diesel oil, fuel oil, etc

• Chemicals, including alcohol, acids, etc

• Solvents.

• Beverage and food processes.

• HVAC hot and cool water, water / glycol solutions

• Water and waste treatment


ultrasonic technology

Fix type ultrasonic flowmeter



LinearityBetter than 1%
AccuracyNormally better than + 1% for velocity above 0.2 m/s.
Response Time0-999 seconds , user – configurable
Velocity+ 0.01~+32 m/s , bi-directional
Pipe RangeDN 20 MM~ DN 6000 MM
Pipe MaterialAll metals , most plastics , concrete lined pipe
UnitsEnglish metric
Tantalizer7-digit totals for net positive and negative flow respectively
Liquid TypesVirtually all liquids (full pipe)
Liquid Temp0ºC~100ºC (IF over 80 c pls choose high temp. sensor)
SecuritySet-up Modification Locknut. Access code needed for unlocking
Display4 x 16 letters
Digital InterfaceRs – 232 C User Protocol can be made on enquiry
TransducersModel m1 for standard , other 3models for optional
Transducer CableStandard 2 x 5m. Contact the factory for longer cable
Power supply3 x AAA Ni-H, built – in batteries. When fully recharged, it will last over 10 , hours of
operation , 100 V AC – 240 V AC
Data LoggerBuilt-in data logger can store over 2000 lines of data
Housing MaterialAluminium alloy protective . Suitable for normal and harsh environment
Case Size200 mm x 92 mm x 32mm
Handset Weight538g with batteries



• The flow meter is based on the transit time measurement principle, as shown in the following diagram’s

• A typical transit-time flow measurement system utilizes two transducers (A and B) that function as ultrasonic transmitter and receiver. The Transducers are clamped on the outside of a closed pipe at a specific distance from each other. The flow sensors operate by alternately transmitting and receiving a coded burst of sound energy and measuring the transit time that it takes for sound to travel between the. The difference in the transit time measured is directly proportional to the velocity of the liquid in the pipe.

• The transducers can be mounted in three models diagonal mode , Reflex mode and double reflex mode, depending on pipe size . Diagonal mode is used for larger pipes and the two Transducers are installed on opposite sides of the pipe. Reflex mode is used for medium size pipes and the two.

• Transducers are mounted on the same side of the pipe, thus the sound transverses the flow twice. Double reflex mode is usually used for small pipe and the ultrasound transverses across the flow four times.



Type S1:-

Small size transducer (Magnetic with clamp-on fixture)
Dimension: 45mm x 30mm x 30mm,
Temp: – 0ºC-70ºC, Weight: – 75g,
Protection class : IP55
For Pipe size : DN 15-DN-100mm,
Installation :- V-Method (N,W).

Small size transducer

Type M1:-

Medium size transducer (magnetic with clamp-on fixture)
Dimension: – 60mm x 45mm x 45mm,
Temp:- 0ºC-70ºC, Weight: – 250 g,
Protection class: – IP65
For pipe size: – DN-50-DN 700MM,
Installation: – V Method and Z-Method

Medium size transducer

Type L1:-

Large size transducer (magnetic with clamp-on fixture)
Dimesion: – 80mm x 70mm x 55 mm,
Temp: – 0ºC-70ºC,
Weight: – 650g,
Protection Class: – IP65,
For pipe size: – DN300-DN600 mm,
Installation: – Z-method

Large size transducer


Small size high temp. Transducer
Type S1H:-

Small size high temp. Transducer (with clamp-on fixture)
Dimension :- 90mm x 85mm x 24mm,
Temp:- 0ºC-160ºC,
Weight :- 94g,
Protection Class :- IP 65
For pipe size :- DN 15-DN-100 mm,
Installation :- V-Method (N,W)

Medium size high temp
Type M1H:-

Medium size high temp. Transducer (with clamp-on fixture)
Dimension :- 90mm x 82mm x 29mm,
Temp:- 0ºC-100ºC,
Weight :- 150g,
Protection Class :- IP 65
For pipe size :- DN 50-DN-700 mm,
Installation :- V-Method and Z-method