Vertical Turbine Pump, Floating Pump,Horizontal Mix Flow Pump


    • General water pumping/conveying used for various industries.
    • Spray and Injection water in sugar Industry.
    • Cooling tower Circulation.
    • Irrigation and drainage for agriculture.
    • Fire fighting. / Sprinkle Irrigation
    • Tube well Irrigation / Open well Irrigation and River / canal Irrigation
    • Urban water supply / Rural water supply
    • Domestic water supply in high rise building and water fountain
    • Raw & Threaded water services / Mine Dewatering.
    • Fire Fighting Services.
    • On line boosting / Oil / Petroleum Hondling Services.
    • Process and Cooling water pumps for power plants.
    These special type of pumps have been designed to float in rivers, lakes and sump where level of liquid is changing constantly and sometimes liquid requires positive or low suction. Following are the special features of the pumps.
    • Can Take both axial and radial loads, specially designed to take thrust loads due to high currents in rivers.
    • The centre of gravity is maintained in such a way that the pump will always be in position and even if some heavy logs/animals / external forces in the river try to change its position the pump tends to come to its original floating position when the external lateral force is removed.
    • Very easy to maintain: High power/energy savings as compared to high suction pumps.
    • Pump and floating platform can be made from M.S, PP or SS as per requirement.
    • As floating pump can run in the water , such pumps are useful for simplifying the earth work and engineering construction of pumping station, thus reducing installation area and saving 30~40% of the total project cost.
    • Can solve the flood resistance problem of those rivers and lakes which have large fluctuation of water levels.
    • Can be supplied up to 200 meter head and 1000 M3/hr
    • Floating pumps removes the need for any civil construction on the river banks.
    • Floating pumps are not affected by the fluctuations of the water (tide) levels. Since the pump is always floating,
    it ensures that the impeller remains submerged. Pump is under water or has very low suction head due to floating platform in surface pump.
    • Since these pumps are floating , the issue of depth of suction is ruled out.
    • Very useful when suction lift is very high.
    • Very useful for slurry , hot water and for mining application.
    • Always made as per customer's requirement and we use different type of pump and platform as per characteristics of liquid .
    MF Type pumps are used in sugar industry. Sea water Desalination Plants, Power stations, steel plants and absorption plants in environmental engineering & etc. Handling of all  types   of   clear   non   aggressive  liquids, Turbid   or   slightly   contaminated   liquids, raw water, sewage water, sea water, low concentration cellulose suspension & etc.